September 2013

Yet another busy month has slipped by. We ran several birthday party trains and one wedding much to everyones’ enjoyment. There was also the Cider Festival which went down well. There is the upcoming Apple Festival in mid October when we will be running our usual extended service.

As part of our engine rotation plans we have been recommissioning the ‘Green Giant’, a 0-4-0. The motor has been refettled and extra plate and buffers welded. Once tested the engine should be up and running in October.

We have recently revamped our train tickets. They now look good enough to be a souvenir/collectible.

A welcome to our three new volunteers whose cheerfulness and enthusiasm has been a real bonus. Thanks to our new intensive training course all three are now proficient guards and two have moved onto being signal men and look like heading towards becoming drivers as well.

Our Summer Customer Satisfaction Survey has now been completed. A quick skim through suggests we have got most things rights which is reassuring! Results will probably be reported in Nov/Dec newsletter.

Mogul the railway cat (usually hanging out in the Ticket Office) has been to the vets and had his winter shots. He also has a new diet which consist of prime lean mince and senior cat food which means he eats better than some of the volunteers.

Our Santa Specials will be running on Sundays December 1st, 8th, and 15th. These Specials involve a perk-you-up winter ride around the circuit before a visit to Santa to receive gift counselling and a small and usually edible present. Parents are eligible for mince pies and something hot and discretely alcoholic. Prices are £1.50 for adults and £3.50 for kids now on a first come first served basis. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee the weather so come dressed for the North Pole!

As ever, new volunteer staff are always welcome to join our society. We are particularly interested in trainee drivers, guards, signalmen, engineers and platform staff. DIY skills are also useful. If you visit us at Brogdale on most Tuesdays or Wednesdays or Sundays (11am-4pm) we’ll show you round and hopefully talk you into joining us!

Trains run every Sunday, the first at 11.00 am and the last around 4.00 pm and also during Brogdale festivals and Bank holidays. Please note however that during December we will only be running our Santa Specials.

And finally, a reminder that we can also be booked for parties, weddings and the like at very reasonable rates. Contact Mick 01795 474211 for details or try the other contact details on this website.