Built in house by our CME, this locomotive, required special care and attention when driving and only experienced members of the railway where trained to drive her.

Being built to represent a narrow-gauge locomotive she was originally in a 2-4-2 configuration with both the front and rear axels allowed to move freely.  Power was delivered to the middle axels, from a 5HP Honda Engine connected to a Hydraulic box.

Kirsty has been out of service since the loop was opened.  As her existing wheel arrangement caused her to keep derailing when traveling on the new loop.

The plan is to change her into either a 4w – 4 or a 6w – 6, but it may be quite some time before this happens.



Shed Number


Service State

Out of Service

Wheel & Power Arrangement

New Arrangement TBC

Built in


Built by

A Taylor

Owned By

Andy Taylor