The latest powerhouse to join the family.  Built in house by 3 of the Faversham Miniature Railway Society volunteers, this machine is based on its full-size counterpart 58037, which left a mark on the railways CME after stumbling upon it at work one day.

Just like our Class 31 this was built in house from the rails up and shows some of the best detailing and features we have achieved in house to date.

58037 came into service late 2016 and just like the 31 all her detailing and the livery was not complete when she did.

Over the 2016 Santa Specials both 31 466 &  58 037 were seen working side by side for the first time.


Class 58 - 58037

Shed Number


Service State

In Service (Some Detailing to be completed)

Wheel & Power Arrangement

6w - 6 Petrol Hydraulic

Built in

2016 (Some detailing to complete)

Built by

A Taylor, Daniel Eales & Jordan Deveson

Owned By

Andy Taylor