New for 2019

The locomotive was commissioned from Adam Jeffrey of Norton Works, Stoke-on-Trent in February 2016, and Adam subcontracted the drawings to Andy Comley of A Comley Ltd.Andy based the design on an early Class 08, using drawings of D3000, which is currently in the care of the Shunters Heritage Trust at Peak Rail, Derbyshire.

To say this high-quality build was challenging would be an understatement.Adam had to fabricate a lot of smaller items like sand boxes, and he even ended up making dummy leaf springs from scratch.The superb paintwork is by Aleks Jeffreys of Poles Painting.

The locomotive is 101/4-inch scale, but gauged to 9-inches. It’s a big machine, with a 6.5hp petrol engine driving the ubiquitous Eaton 7 hydrostatic transmission, connected by chain to the rear axle, then via the connecting rods, both elements just like the real thing.

Equipment includes an electric air compressor, powering a real Class 08 whistle, air horns and fail-safe air brakes on the driving truck, plus train connections, as the Faversham rolling stock is gradually being air-fitted.The loco has a screw-type handbrake.  A particular challenge with the rare gauge was the inability to undertake any running in or real-world testing in advance of delivery.

So it was with some trepidation that the team delivered Mavis to the Brogdale Farm home of the Faversham Miniature Railway on Mother’s Day, 31st March 2019.



Class 08

Shed Number


Service State

Line Tests & shunting only

Wheel & Power Arrangement

6w Petrol Hydraulic

Built in


Built by

Norton Works

Owned By

Alex Bass & Daniel Eales