OK, yes, we know, it doesn’t really look much like a Class 03, for starters it doesn’t have any rods. This is why we officially call it No.6 Our Class 03 Look-a-like.

This loco has seen many iterations and has been body swapped more times than we can remember. However, since it came back into service as our Class 03 in 2013, it has become our little work horse, being used most Sundays to run our regular passenger service.

She may not be our fastest loco, but boy does she have some grunt, able to drag the heaviest loads up our steep banks, that even some of our big locos can struggle on.


No. 6 Our Class 03 Look-A-Like

Shed Number


Service State

Awaiting Routine Maintenance

Wheel & Power Arrangement

0-4-0 Petrol Hydraulic

Re-Built in


Re-Built by

A Taylor

Owned By

Faversham Miniature Railway Society