May 2019

May was more of a relaxed month for the Railway and its increasing number of volunteers. There was a steady stream of passengers every Sunday and we even had steam on the go during the last two Sundays in the month.  We also managed a couple of school trips which can be booked (subject to staff availability) via our website / contacts under ‘Faversham Miniature Railway’.

May was also buttercup month with the fields adjoining the main line breaking out into shiny yellow. There has also been an outbreak of daisies in the station and up the line. Having blossomed in April, the apple and cherry trees are now beginning to fruit. The windbreaks alongside the track have been trimmed back a little but still offer shade for passengers as they go around the mile or so of our circuit.

For whatever reason the May Bank holiday was fairly low key but we did pick up a lot of repeat business from families whose son/ daughter(s) are passionate about re-riding our rails.

Our engineering team have been busy this month. A new locking device has been fitted to the sector table in the main station and our diesels have been in the yard for servicing

PW track maintenance continues with almost all of the replacement concrete sleepers now fitted and work continuing on refurbishing the station yard gate

Now that summer is approaching mention should be made of our kids’ parties which can be booked for a sunny Sunday and involve as many train rides as can be crammed into 2 hours. Details and contacts are on our website searchable under ‘Faversham Miniature Railway’

Our colony of Tiggers has now expanded to include the bench at Cherry Halt ( just past the concrete road) and when not raining may make themselves available for waving at / photo opportunities

As ever, DIYers, engineers, signalmen, guards/drivers are more than welcome to join our Railway Society. We offer equal opportunities to anyone over 16 and if any potential volunteers are interested then contact us via our website to arrange a tour of the railway estate- or just visit on a Sunday and take it from there