It was great to see FMR loco no. 4, HYMEK BR D7043 head code 1A20 back on full passenger duties having been freshly painted. FMR loco no. 9 KIRSTY will be out of service for some time yet.

We have plans to strip and rebuild carriages 2 & 3 NATALIE & DAISY. FMR Landscape Services continue to do a great job keeping the trackside’s tidy – it really does make a difference to an enjoyable ride.

The first wooden crossing is in need of repair and this is a work in progress. We continue to add chain posts to the route. For those not familiar with with the measurement, 1 chain = 22 yards or 66 feet. These posts help us identify sections of track – most important as the track increases in length. Good to see work has started Brogdales children’s play area adjacent to our ticket office.