Every Locomotive or peice of rolling stock has had to be customised or built so that it can run on our line. This means everything you see riding our rails is a one of a kind, with most of the Locomotives and Stock being the only ones of their kind in the world.

  • ‘N’ Class

    In 2016 this wonderful machine came into service, officially taking its first passenger turn in June. The loco has a lot of history behind it, with some parts being over 45 years old.   The chassis was originally purchased from a local private line alongside No. 2 Robin by a few of our Society Members.  Unfortunately […]

  • Robin

    Robin is the oldest locomotive at FMR and has through different owners been seen in many different forms.  Two of the founding members of the Faversham Miniature Railway Society saved this amazing little loco from being sent to America, when she went up for sale in the early 80’s. Robin was a huge crowd pleaser […]

  • Bertie

    Bertie is the only fully electric locomotive at FMR, which make this little chap extremely special, as he is the only loco of this kind and gauge in the world. With a fully enclosed driver’s seat our volunteers always rush to drive Bertie when it’s a bit wet outside. Unfortunately, Bertie has been tucked away […]

  • Hymek D7043

    Our 1st Class 35 Hymek, number D7043 arrived at the railway its early days at the Norton Ash Garden Centre. During its time at Norton Ash and a few years at Brogdale Farm this loco regularly hauled our passenger’s services.  Our drivers loved its unique quirks and the comfy ride it offered. However, not long […]

  • Red Shunter

    Our Red Shunter, commonly known as No. 5 holds a special place in the hearts of the volunteers that get to drive her. This loco has the power and speed you expect from our big engines, but even with this she can be a challenge for the inexperienced driver.  No. 5 is a fickle girl […]

  • Class 03

    OK, yes, we know, it doesn’t really look much like a Class 03, for starters it doesn’t have any rods. This is why we officially call it No.6 Our Class 03 Look-a-like. This loco has seen many iterations and has been body swapped more times than we can remember. However, since it came back into […]

  • Thumper

    Our Thumper stopped working passenger services many years ago, after having a few face lifts that left it with no body for quite a few years. Even though it does not pull passengers this loco is currently one of the most useful locos at the railway.  As it is a fully working, mobile power generator […]

  • Kirsty

    Built in house by our CME, this locomotive, required special care and attention when driving and only experienced members of the railway where trained to drive her. Being built to represent a narrow-gauge locomotive she was originally in a 2-4-2 configuration with both the front and rear axels allowed to move freely.  Power was delivered […]

  • Jasmine

    Jasmine is a re-gauged Maxitrax Simplicity 2.  This little loco is rarely seen on the railway these days as its size and power is unable take the strain of our little railway. If you’re lucky you may see her owner taking her for a spin from time to time and she can often be seen […]

  • 0-4-2 The “9F” Steamer

    Before you say “I was expecting a 9F”, through no fault of her own this little Maxitrax loco earnt the nick name “9F”.   So, for those expecting to see a 9” 9F we apologise. This little loco was once a regular visitor to the mainline, but as the line grew and more passengers arrived every […]

  • Class 20 Lady Fiona

    Before Lady Fiona came to FMR it was part of the private collection owned by Peter Howard at Stoneleigh House 10 1/4″ Railway. Lady Fiona was re-gauged to 9″ for FMR and has since been one of the hardest working Locos at FMR and after almost 14 years of running, she is still a regular […]

  • Class 31

    This wonderful beast of a locomotive is one of our fastest and most powerful locos on the railway. She was built out of necessity shortly after the line was extended in 2013, when our currently fleet of working locos shrunk for one reason or another.  Over her build regulars at the railway would have seen […]

  • Class 58

    The latest powerhouse to join the family.  Built in house by 3 of the Faversham Miniature Railway Society volunteers, this machine is based on its full-size counterpart 58037, which left a mark on the railways CME after stumbling upon it at work one day. Just like our Class 31 this was built in house from […]

  • Class 35 Hymek

    Purchased from Barnards Miniature Railway as a long-term project, this Class 35 Hymek has seen better days.  This loco was originally dissembled before being sold in peace’s to Barnards Miniature Railway, who had originally planned to rebuild it an add it to their existing fleet of Mardyke locomotives. Unfortunately, after years of waiting patiently there […]

  • Adams

    An offer that could not refused. When this chassis for a 9 ½ Adams locomotive came up for sale our CME could not resist it.  There is loads of work to do on this locomotive as you can see in the picture, but when it is done, it will be a sight to behold. The […]

  • Kitchener

    Kitchener was completed in 2016 and should have enter traffic during the 2017 season. Unfortunatly due to problems with the overall build and the failing relationship between the three owners, this Loco left the railway as quickly as it arrived.

  • Lady Ann

    Lady Ann is a 7 1/4 inch gauge steam locomotive, the early history of her is unknown but we think she was built around the 1960s. She was purchased from The Steam Workshop at the end of June 2017, as a private locomotive with intention of one-day regauging her to 9″. Until that day we […]

  • Thumper

    The latest loco to touch down on FMR Steel is the “Thumper”.  This is a classically styled minimal loco, running a 2HP Petrol Paraffin Lister Engine.  The Thumper has now been regauged from 10 1/4 to 9″ after leaving its previous home on the Birchley Miniature Railway in Biddenden. It is intended that the Thumper […]

  • Class 08

    New for 2019 The locomotive was commissioned from Adam Jeffrey of Norton Works, Stoke-on-Trent in February 2016, and Adam subcontracted the drawings to Andy Comley of A Comley Ltd.Andy based the design on an early Class 08, using drawings of D3000, which is currently in the care of the Shunters Heritage Trust at Peak Rail, […]

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