June 2017

June was a steady month for us. Besides the usual Sunday running (11am- 4pm, £1.50 a ride, kids under 2 free) we also hosted a wedding party and two kids’ parties. All three went off well, particularly as all three days were bright and sunny and good for picnics and barbeques

June was also the hottest month so far. The track held up as did our passengers. The Railway grass wilted a bit and the open fields of grasses alongside the track were mowed by Brogdale. The Railway rabbits continued to mine the embankments for snacks and have now been joined by a grey squirrel which lives at the top of the loop

Brogdale Central’s signal box has now been given its top coat (a sort of Southern Railway creamy beige) and so work is nearing completion. The box’s base is to be painted in Southern Green. The next job is the station yard gate which is beginning to show its age

The Sunday Maintenance Team have done some sleeper replacement-wooden being replaced by concrete sleepers

Our mysteriously missing tiger has now been replaced by a Disney relative straight off the ‘Tigger Movie’. It can usually be seen from the train asleep in one of the Railway’s shadier spots. Also Custard the teddy bear continues to wave at trains as they pass by Barry’s Box. Passengers (especially kids) tend to wave back which is oddly reassuring

Although our regulars will hardly need reminding, the Railway runs each Sunday (usually 11am-4pm), Bank Holidays and the various Brogdale Festivals. Subject to availability we can also be booked for birthday parties, weddings and school trips. Details can be found on our current website. Bookings have already started to come in so it might be worth reserving your slot!

Lastly, and as ever, new members, especially DIYers, are more than welcome to join our Railway Society. If you’d like to see what we can offer then contact us via our website to arrange a tour of the establishment and estate- or just visit on a Sunday and take it from there. If you do come over best to avoid rainy days!