July 2019

July was Brogdale’s Cherry Festival and the hottest day ever recorded but luckily our track and overhead lines came through undamaged in the 38.5 degree heat.

The Cherry Festival was well attended, with a constant stream of passengers taking to our rails for their 15 minute ride at £1.50 a head (children under 2 going free). We used both steam and diesel, our steam engines running double headed or banked, leaving the diesels to quietly got on with their job of pulling full loads around our loop circuit which includes a section alongside the Brogdale cherry orchard.

This month the main effort put in by Engineering was replacing the ground signals at Barry’s Box with authentic upper quadrant semaphore signals. And very good they look on their all metal white painted posts

P-Way work was very much tied up with keeping the track and verges clear of shed leaves (due to the heat) and cutting back new windbreak growth plus yet some work on fitting new concrete sleepers.

Other than all this we have run a couple of kids’ party trains, been visited by another miniature railway group but as yet haven’t hosted any weddings (just as well as it usually rains).

Just a reminder that our kids’ Sunday party trains can be booked for a celebration with a difference. This memorable day includes the promise of good weather (Ts & Cs apply), the opportunity for picnicking and games and as many train rides as can be crammed into 2 hours on a Sunday. Details and contacts are on our website searchable under ‘Faversham Miniature Railway’.

Inevitably we would like to mention that DIYers, engineers, signalmen, guards/drivers are more than welcome to join our Railway Society. We offer equal opportunities to anyone over 16 and any potential volunteers can contact us via our website to arrange a tour of the railway estate- or just visit on a Sunday and take it from there.