The area around the engine and coach sheds has been transformed thanks to the efforts of the Permanent Way gang. Storage has been reorganised and surplus items have been disposed of. The area has even been cleared of litter – let’s see if we can keep it that way.

The inspection pit has been cleaned out and the track has been renewed. Coach shed road 4 has been replaced and work has started on road 5, which will house permanent way trucks in a new lean-to shed adjacent to the coach shed. Across the turntable we propose to lay a short siding to assist with organising rolling stock.

The turntable has been cleaned, maintained and painted.

Along the track we have renewed and numbered the chain posts – passengers can be heard counting them off as they ride the line. Off to the right as you pass the Y, the new signal box is coming together.

Finally, the platform flower pots have been replanted and have certainly brightened up the station area.