January 2017

Suddenly its 2017 and maintenance time for the Railway. During January our Maintenance Team started work on refitting points and sleepers in the station. This project involves disconnecting the various rodding and cables extracting sleepers and then slipping in their replacements and reconnecting everything. Work started off quite well but rain and mud has slowed us down a bit so the project will be completed in February

As it rained on some of our Maintenance Sundays the Team had the time to reorganise the Carriage Shed and gave it a bit of a clear out, as well as re-nailing loose external shiplap boarding and cleaning the Shed’s gutters

Trackside we have been laying out our replacement concrete sleepers ready for fitting work. We have also been clearing leaves and other bits and pieces from the line, these being blown in from the farm windbreaks during Christmas and cutting in rainwater run-off intercepts

During the middle of January it was some -5C in the Yard. Some of our engines in the Engine Shed almost froze up. Worse still our Tea Hut also suffered and had to be thawed out before tea could be produced. Which was nice. Clear winter skies though

Work continues on a rewrite of our already excellent web site which, even better and with more functionality, should be up and running by March

Although our regulars will hardly need reminding the Railway is closed until March. When we start up again we will be running each Sunday (usually 11am-4pm), Bank Holidays and the various Brogdale Festivals. Subject to availability we can also be booked for birthday parties, weddings and school trips. Details can be found on our website. Bookings have already started to come in so it might be worth reserving your slot!

Lastly, and as ever, new members, especially DIYers, are more than welcome to join our Railway Society. If you’d like to see what we can offer then contact us via our website to arrange a tour of the establishment and estate- or just visit on a Sunday and take it from there. If you do come over best to avoid rainy days!