December 2019

December was the month for our Santa Specials. Although Santa wasn’t able to fix any blizzards it was properly cold at the South Pole where our Custard the Teddy Bear and various tigers now live (no penguins alas). Fortunately it was snug and warm at Santa’s grotto at our North Pole where a couple of winter dandelions and daisies were spotted growing alongside Santa’s secret gnome and elf forest.

Thanks to the many positive comments made on the day and on social media it seems everyone enjoyed themselves and were particularly complementary about our kind hearted Santa and his various elves, train drivers, guards, sector table operatives and last but not least platform staff.

Going on from comments from the station platform at Brogdale Central some families come back year after year. It seems in many cases we have now become part of their Christmas tradition, no pressure then!

As expected with a new system our online booking had a couple of gremlins, but nothing we couldn’t work out, which lead to the most Pre-Booked tickets we have ever sold, selling out both the 1st and 15th of December.   We faced extra pressure on the first with the annual Brogdale Christmas Fair, but we made it with only a few delays.  We learnt a lot this year and promise to make even more improvements to our booking system for 2020.

As all our team efforts went into making our Santa Specials a success not much else happened during the month in terms of workshop and PW maintenance other a couple of quick fixes and some leaf clearing.

Now Father Christmas has returned home the Railway closes for the winter and should be re-opening in Spring 2020. During this break the intention is to get on with on-going maintenance and longer term development such as the proposed platform extension.

Naturally DIYers, engineers, signalmen, drivers and guards are more than welcome to join our Railway Society. We offer equal opportunities and training to anyone over 16. Potential volunteers can contact us via our website to arrange a tour of the railway estate or just visit on a Sunday (when not raining obviously ) and take it from there……..

Finally we hope you all had a Happy Christmas and wish you the best for 2020, see you soon.