December 2016

December was Santa month. Thanks to his influence it didn’t rain (or snow) on the three Sundays we were running our Santa Specials. Which was nice.  As usual everyone seems to have enjoyed themselves. What was noticeable was the number of repeat visitors we were getting and the various complements on the whole show. Makes it all worthwhile!  Our thanks to everyone who came and those involved and especially to Santa and his various elf

The Railway is now closed until March 2017.  Although our regulars will hardly need reminding in 2017 we will be running each Sunday (usually 11am-4pm), Bank Holidays and the various Brogdale Festivals. Subject to availability in 2017 we can also be booked for birthday parties, weddings and school trips. Details can be found on our website

Our winter break gives us time to catch up on track work. We will be replacing old wooden sleepers with our new concrete alternatives, tidying up point rodding and reballasting where it has worn a bit thin. We will also be working trackside, clearing leaves, fallen branches from the wind-breaks and deleting weeds. Painting restarts once it warms up- which won’t be until the late Spring

Besides track work there is also engineering work to be done. The intention is to maintain the work-horse engines, rebuild one of our new closed carriages, and generally get things ready for the new season. Rumour has it 2017 might well include the more regular use of steam engines but this depends on various safety certificates being updated

Lastly, and as ever, new members, especially DIYers, are more than welcome to join our Railway Society.  If you’d like to see what we can offer then contact us via our website to arrange a tour of the establishment and estate- or just visit on a Sunday and take it from there