August 2018

Most of August ran hot but then finished off cold and wet. Besides running every Sunday (11 am- 4 pm) the main event for the Railway in August was the 2 day Bank Holiday Brogdale Cider Festival. After a slow’ish start on the Saturday passenger numbers picked up whereas on the Sunday it was all “go” from the start until 3.00ish when it began to rain so hard that it cleared the site- most sensible people running for cover in the Cider Barn.

To cope with demand the Railway ran three sets- one being double headed- with the others running to mop up demand. During the drizzley part of early Sunday afternoon our closed carriages set was in great demand.

As with the July Cherry Festival many of our passengers were locals (Ashford, Canterbury, Faversham, North Kent, Thanet, etc). Some however some came from more faraway places such as the Old Kent Road, Bristol, Livingstone (Scotland), Lodz (Poland), Namur (Belgium), Nara (Japan) and Wrotham.

Most of our passengers during the Cider Festival were families. Quite a lot were doing repeat trips, one family going around three times due it seems to children demand. So from what we can see our Railway has addictive properties- and this is without even mentioning our forthcoming plans for this year’s Father Christmas- TBA

During August our engineers released No. 20 from its overhaul fitted new bogies, wheels, driving gear and returned its engine as well as the newly fetlled No. 6.

DIYers, engineers, signalmen, guards/drivers are more than welcome to join our Railway Society. We offer equal opportunities to anyone over 16 and so if anyone would like to see what we can offer then contact us via our website to arrange a tour of the railway estate- or just visit on a Sunday and take it from there.