Brogdale Farm

Is the home of the National Fruit Collection, which is one of the largest fruit collections in the world and includes over 3,500 named Apple, Pear, Plum, Cherry, Bush fruit, Vine and Cob Nut cultivars.

The site is quickly becoming a vistor attraction thanks to the efforts of Brogdale Collections who are developing the site.

Brogdale Collections

The Farm will provide you with a great food day out in Kent with healthy eating explore the Brogdale Farm orchards with fruit trees ranging from apples and pears to plums and cherries to cobnuts, strawberries and quinces while they are in season and experience demonstrations, tastings and displays during our special festivals. The tour guides will entertain you with the historical background of the fruit varieties in season and offer tastings while you explore.

After your walk, and a ride on the railway you could even visit, The Courtyard Cafe full of delicious homemade cakes and farm produce or stroll around our Plant Centre, Grow and Market Place shops which promote a healthy lifestyle along with local Kent crafts.

For more information visit The Brogdale Collections website…

The National Fruit Collection

The National Fruit Collection is a unique Kent tourist attraction and an opportunity to taste the apple varieties Henry VIII would have eaten, the nuts Columbus would have carried to America, and the varieties of plum. the Victorians loved so much.

With nearly 4 thousand varieties of fruit why settle for the bland supermarket varieties!?

For more information visit the Nation Fruit Collections website…

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